Random Trip Thoughts, Comments, Etc. April 2015

Post your trip reports from Tunica or elsewhere.
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Random Trip Thoughts, Comments, Etc. April 2015

Post by WILynn » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:23 am

1:14 PM - Apr 19, 2015 #1
1. Some people text to say they are coming in one day, and actually come in earlier-Yay! Those same people then tell you they are coming to join you for dinner, then are no shows. Boo!

2. Between cell phones, umbrellas, and tissue box covers, TunicaPlayers need their own Lost and Found department.

3. Are you going 100? No, only 98.

4. Some people text you when they arrive to the casino, but don't let you know where they are or hear the texts they receive to respond.

5. Light flips on. Startled exclamation "Oh My God!" 40 seconds later face in your face "Are you awake?" "I am now."

6. Call to Front Desk. "We don't have water in our room." "Oh. I'll have someone bring some right up." "I MEAN, we don't have RUNNING WATER in our room."

7. More than one person has the ability of turning $100's of free play into $30. It's a gift!

8. "These ribs are better than Corky's." Ummm, no they are not.

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