Random Trip Thoughts for October 2012 Meet

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Random Trip Thoughts for October 2012 Meet

Post by WILynn » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:16 am

9:32 PM - Oct 21, 2012 #1
Either we're getting to be a more well-behaved group, or people aren't telling on themselves anymore. Either way, it's a little disappointing, but I do have a few.

#1. Some people leave a trail of Goldfish crackers in case they get lost.

#2. "Since we're picking up JEANINE, we better leave at 6:30" In other words, if we were picking up Lynn, we'd leave after the plane arrived.

#3. Important lesson learned: Be sure to find a rest room stop well in advance of the cell phone lot at the St. Louis airport, or you will be stuck with the porta potties-which is NOT a pleasant experience.

#4. Some people just HATE those people that hit something good on the 1st spin.

#5. Some people don't realize that you have to have money in the machine to play it.

#6. Some people think that you can die from brain freeze.

#7. Some people are so thoughtful they leave the phone charger out for the maid to use while she's cleaning your room.

#8. Some people SAY they will be playing on certain VP machines, but then aren't there.

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