Random Trip Thoughts April 2012

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Random Trip Thoughts April 2012

Post by WILynn » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:15 am

5:19 PM - Apr 21, 2012 #1
Kind of a short list this time as it was a smaller group, but did manage to get a few of them.

1. Some people give you a nice gift, then offer to keep it until the next night. It somehow ends up in the car for days. The thought is, you can just bring back the SAME gift each time. Pretty ingenious!

2. Some people threaten other people when they offer to do something sweet like having the "singing lady" at Sam's sing Happy Birthday to them.

3. Some people get bitten by the "gambling bug".......LITERALLY.

4. Some people (more then one) like to try to stay at almost every casino during their trip.

5. Some people break the machine when trying to get their drawing entry tickets.

6. If you can't tell if something's a tamale or a churro, it's best not to get it.

7. When you're on a hot machine, some people call to tell you everyone is gathered for dinner. You cash out and go there, and notice that someone is NOT there.

8. Some people should turn their laptop on more than once every month or 2.

9. Some people like to flatten their dinner rolls.

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