Random Trip Thoughts- Fall 2011 Meet

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Random Trip Thoughts- Fall 2011 Meet

Post by WILynn » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:03 am

10:56 PM - Nov 05, 2011 #1
1. When playing a slot pull made sure you play the machine with money in it.

2. Snack Bar? Fitz has a snack bar? (Said after walking past it several times).

3. Some people think they're so wealthy they can just drop $100 bills. (Done by more than 1 person)

4. Don't cash out until you finish playing your freeplay at Horseshoe.

5. Some people try to get their players club cards sucked into the machine when they put then in the bill receptacle.

6. Some people can't hold onto their napkins and like to line the floor with them.

7. Some people find the man of their dreams at the pool- a retired Chippendale in a thong.

8. Some people have conversations in their sleep.

9. Some people set up breakfasts and then don't show.

10. Nobody (except Horseshoe obviously) puts the A-team up against the wall.

11. Some people obviously find chewing shoe leather "fork tender".

12. Some people hire felons to transport them.

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