Random Trip Thoughts April 2011.

Post your trip reports from Tunica or elsewhere.
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Random Trip Thoughts April 2011.

Post by WILynn » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:58 am

9:25 PM - Apr 23, 2011 #1
1. Some people are so oblivious playing slots that they don't even notice a stalker behind them.

2. Some people need a homing device on their phone to keep from misplacing it.

3. Some people manage to be winners by knowing the Brady Bunch theme.

4. Some people can't say they never win drawings any more.

5. Some people like to sit in the lobby at Fitz for hours because the phone reception can kill a good surprise.

6. Some people order a side of beef for dinner.

7. Some people take 45 minutes to buy cigarettes, so someone else retaliates by sitting on the person's face.

8. Some people can't find Strawberry Fields forever in Tunica.

9. Some people like to roll in on 3 wheels into Tunica.

10. Some people can't turn a TV off.

11. Some people leave their stuff in other people's rooms every trip.

12. You can't take some people anywhere without their knocking something over.

13. Some people plan dinner at a restaurant that caught fire the day before.

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