Fall 2010 Awards and Ratings

Post your trip reports from Tunica or elsewhere.
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Fall 2010 Awards and Ratings

Post by WILynn » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:55 am

11:48 PM - Nov 07, 2010 #1
Dining Ratings from 1st to worst:

1. GS Steakhouse.
2. Sam's Buffet
3. GS Buffet
4. Horseshoe Buffet
5. Fitz Buffet - "did not compete"

Best text messages received (in no particular order)

1. "I have pus coming out of my leg, is that ok?"
2. Shut up Brian! Kiss my Ass.

Attendee Awards:

1. Longevity of stay and biggest Warrier: Stew. Arrived 1st-left last.
2. Most Courageous Trip: Bobbie. All that time on the train.
3. Best surprise Appearance: Jim and Frank. It was great they came.
4. Biggest Rip off: Jean getting all 3 Double Diamonds in the slot tournament and not getting in the money.
5. Best Buffet Management: Rick for being able to get 3 buffets in 1 day.
6. Best Budget Trip: Bev who was able to manage a limited budget well for the trip.
7. Best Comeback: Lynn
8. Sweetest Person- Cheryl who brings a smile to everyone's face.
9. Best insulter who pretends not to be the nice guy he really is: Absolutely no contest with this award. Brian. He could even insult those who weren't even there.

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